Dealing Garment Wear and Freelance Services

Dealing Garment Wear and Freelance Services


We have purchased the domain ‘’ aiming to achieve an extensive goal in future business and providing services. ‘garmentsplus’ means garments and it also includes more than garments. It specifies the multiple number dealings besides garments. The extension ‘net’ of the domain implies the network. Basically, every trade can store the information building the strong related networks to establish and can increase the visibility. There is such similar domain name owned by ‘Google ‘. Although ‘google plus’ is a renowned Social Media.

However, our primary vision is to start trade garments and providing quality digital services. We already have a network chain of ‘garments stock lot’ dealing and a team of ‘Freelancers’ who are able to provide specific services as we promised in our website. In both sectors, we gathered required knowledge and engaged. As Bangladesh is a preferable place to buy ready-made garments and also digital services due to cheap prices. Because, a large number of people compared to it’s land area are not getting suitable jobs for living. The country is mainly based on Agriculture. But a great number of rural people are still unemployed. They have no land to cultivate. They have to work as daily labor. Many of them have gathered in Dhaka or Chittagong city for working as garments employees. Low salary suits them rather than the unemployed village lives. Besides, the women of rural area have got a great opportunity to empower them in work stream. In past years the village women had no scope to be self-dependent. Now, they have become a great workforce for the national economy. These cheap labors cost made Bangladesh’s ready-made garments sector unique. However, Garment wear, especially surplus stock lot selling is our prime target. Shortly, we would deal with the ready-made garments surplus below:

1. Men’s Wear

a. Shirts
b. T-Shirt
c. Shorts
d. Pants
e. Sports Wear

2. Women’s Wear

a. Shirts
b. T-Shirts
c. Pants
d. Inner Wear

3. Boy’s Wear

a. Boy’s T-Shirt
b. Boy’s Shorts
c. Boy’s Jeans
d. Boy’s Trousers
e. Boy’s Hoodies

4. Girl’s Wear

a. Printed T-Shirt
b. Sweat Shirt
c. Girls’ Top
d. Full Sleeve Tops

5. Baby Wear
a. Baby Suit
b. Gucci
c. Fendi
d. Burberry

Similarly, educated young generation has a prone to work in Freelance sector with ease. Lot of young students are running after jobs after they have finished their higher education. But all of them don’t cope with Govt. jobs as well as private sectors. Many young people prefer work freedom. So, they have selected ‘Freelance’ careers rather than confined jobs. Some Freelance training institutions have already grown up in Bangladesh to build expert Freelancers.

So, we have taken the steps to equip a full-fledged Freelance service support. Our team members have already gathered great experiences in several freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, Peopleperhour, Fiverr etc. Initially, we are going to start the following services:

1. SEO

a. On page
b. Off page

2. Social Media Marketing

a. Facebook Marketing
b. Twitter Marketing
c. LinkedIn Marketing
d. Piterest Marketing
e. Googleplus Marketing
f. YouTube Marketing
g. Vines Marketing
h. Periscope Marketing
i. Tumblr Marketing
j. Reddit Marketing
k. Instagram Marketing
l. Wiki Marketing
m. Blogging


Design Work

1. Web Design
2. Logo
3. Banner
4. Business Card
5. Typography
6. T-Shirt
7. Brochure
8. Flyer
9. Poster


So, Garment Wear and Freelance Services are our mission to implement. We are here to to help our clients.
We respect your query. If you have any question to ask, Please feel free to drop a message in our website. You can contact directly to me as below details:
Mobile: +8801758445774
Skype: seosmmservices4u

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