An SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) Anatomy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method to improve the visibility of a website/web page or blog to the eyes of search engines. SEO builds the power to find a website in SERPS ( Search Engines’ Result Pages ). Organic SEO is the honest and best policy to rank a website to higher with a natural flow of visitors. SEO is variable. It evolves with the changes of Search Engines’ (Mainly Google) Algorithm. If you read this content, you can achieve a basic idea on how SEO is applied.


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White Hat SEO, SEO, Organic SEO

The internet world is now more dynamic and powerful than ever before. Websites’ ranking is also very difficult as per search engine rules. Nowadays your business success mostly depends on your website. If you can rank your website, you will get your targeted visitors, leads, and sales. So, SEO is an essential factor to increase the visibility of your website to search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo and more. Have you optimized your website? If yes, how properly have done it? You love your website as you love your business. Right?


Do you know ‘SEO’ ( Search Engine Optimization ) has hundreds of factors? It is impossible here to describe all. Also, SEO methods are changing day by day. For example, in recent past, Google’s most popular metric was PR ( Page Rank ) to measure a website or blog.  It was counted from 0-10. The PR10-PR9 websites were internet giant. But now Google kicked it off and declared it valueless. Now DA, PA, TF, CF are the popular metrics to measure a website. Other most important things are selecting proper keywords and creating quality backlinks.You should know about generic keywords, broad match keywords, long tail keywords and knowledge about LSI and Google-friendly backlink. There are two types of SEO; On Page and Off Page. The best SEO method is Organic SEO or White Hat Method. Investing in SEO is like investing in Real Estate.


However, you need to hire an SEO expert or an SEO company for better ROI. I recommend hiring someone who has in-depth SEO knowledge. I have experienced team members who are ready to fetch any challenge. They are trained and gathered experiences in Freelance Marketplaces like Upwork, Peopleperhour, Fiverr etc. We can provide you the following Organic SEO services:

On Page: On-page is termed as to add elements of your own website. The on-page factors mainly include technical set-up – the quality of code –visual content and user-friendliness of your website. On the page, practice is changing day by day. It is really important to follow the latest SEO method with Search Engines’ update. Below are the latest On page factors to apply:

S EO audit

Meta tags optimization

Geo Meta tag

Heading Tags Optimization

Robot.txt Update

XML sitemap creation

Website Submission In search engine

Web site Speed up

Broken & Dead Link removal

W3c validation and error optimization

Prime social accounts creation and link to website

Content Indexing

Google Analytics code creation and set up


Dublin Core

All page On-page SEO in Yoast SEO plug-in

All post On-page SEO

Google Analytics code creation and set up

Advanced Keyword Research and setting the best Keywords

Proper Keyword density to avoid Keyword stuffing

Competitor analysis and do due job

Image Optimization

Internal Link creation through your contents

Overcoming Plagiarism + More


Off Page: “SEO” which is applied outside from your website to improve ranking within “Search Engines Results Pages” ( SERPS ) is defined as off page. It improves the Domain Authority/Page Authority, Trust- Flow of a site. Here is the latest off page SEO application below:

Social bookmarking

Directory submission

Forum profile creation and backlink

Local directory submission

Article Directory Submission

Edu/Gov backlink

Infographic backlink


Web 2.0 backlink

RSS feed submission

Wiki backlink

Image sharing

Press Release

Social Signals

Think SEO as an investment but not a cost

SEO is very important because you get the following benefits:

Increases the visibility of your website or blog

Saves cost from your paid advertising

Long term strategy for long time success

SEO costs less than paid advertising

A crucial part of your marketing

Gives you best content idea which is the king of your website

Content sharing is a part of SEO

Ensures your targeted clients

Boosts your sales

Can build your brand

SEO can be the heart of your business

Finally, SEO can provide you unending opportunity

Now I recommend you to get an Organic SEO service for a better health of your website. We don’t sell words but we do. So, think a while before proceeding SEO on your website/blog.

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